Board of Trustees

    The board of trustees is responsible for the promotion of KTCS and supervising the implementation of the college and seminary's infrastructure.

    1. Governing Board of Trustees

    The chairman of Board of Trustees is elected by the Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC). Eight members are elected by the Board of Management of the KBC and approved at the meeting of general convention later. Out of that eight members, three of them are women.

    The followings are appointed in the board according to their role of responsibility in the college and seminary.

    1. General Secretaries from the 14 Associations
    2. Director of Department of Christian Education, KBC
    3. Director of Alumni Association, KTCS
    4. Director of Minister's Council, KBC
    5. Director of Evangelism and Mission, KBC
    6. Principal of KTCS
    7. Vice Principal of KTCS (Admin)
    8. Academic Dean of KTCS
    9. Office superintendent, KTCS (For recording)
    10. KBC Chairman and General Secretary can suggest at any meeting of the Board without voting.
    11. Potential advisors can be invited by the Chairman of the board if necessary.

    2. Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

    1. It is responsible for Administration, Theological Education, Spiritual, Social and Security of the KTCS.
    2. It is obligated for the proprietorship of the land, building and any other physical plants relating to KTCS.
    3. It has responsibility to implement plans, programs proposed by the staff council.
    4. Implementing the construction works, according to the ground planning of the KTCS.
    5. It can nominate and terminate the following school personnel: Vice Principals, Dean, Treasurer, and the teaching staff.
    6. It can suggest the candidacy of the Principal to the KBC.
    7. If the principal post is vacant, the board can nominate someone to take the duty of the principal by informing the nearest executive committee meeting before general election of the KBC.

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