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    +95 949 307 584 (From overseas)
    +95 947 002 067 (From overseas)
    09 949 307 584 (For local)
    09 947 002 067 (For local)


    Planned Giving

    There are many ways that you can support the ministry of Kachin Theological College and Seminary. Because KTCS is non profitable organization, all gifts and donations are carefully used for the ministry of God's Kingdom. The following are some ways that you can support KTCS.

    A. Donating money to KTCS Scholarship program

    B. Donating needed facilities and money for needed buildings

    C. Donating books, journals, news and magazines to the library

    D. Constant Prayer and moral support to KTCS

    To Support, Call:

    +95 949307584 (from oversea)
    +95 947002067 (from oversea)
    0949307584 (for local)
    0947002067 (for local)

    Alumni Association

    The alumni association includes students of the KTCS since 1932 and all the graduates of each academic year. The alumni association is responsible for the physical development of KTCS.

    Not only are KTCS graduates serving in all parts of Myanmar, KTCS graduates are also serving around the globe: in countries such as Malaysia, India, Thailand, China, England, New Zealand, Australia, and United States of America.

     - Alumni of KTCS

    Photos of Graduates of KTCS

    Graduates of 1948

    Graduates of 1949

    Graduates of 1950

    Graduates of 1953

    Graduates of 1954

    Graduates of 1955

    Graduates of 1956

    Graduates of 1957

    Graduates of 1959

    Graduates of 1960

    Graduates of 1962

    Graduates of 1963

    Graduates of 1964

    Graduates of 1966

    Graduates of 1968

    Graduates of 1970

    Graduates of 1971

    Graduates of 1972

    Graduates of 1973

    Graduates of 1974

    Graduates of 1975

    Graduates of 1981

    Graduates of 1985

    Graduates of 1985 (B)

    Graduates of 1986

    Graduates of 1989

    Graduates of 1991

    Graduates of 1994

    Graduates of 1994 B.Th

    Graduates of 1995

    Graduates of 1996

    Graduates of������ A

    Graduates of����� B

    Graduates of 2013

    Graduates of 2013 (M.Div)

    Graduates of 2014

    Graduates of 2016 (66 Lang na Jawng Yu Poi)

    Graduates of 2017 (67 Lang na Jawng Yu Poi)

    Graduates of 2018 (68 Lang na Jawng Yu Poi)


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    "Myihtoi Ma (Young Prophets)� Magazine, both Kachin and English combined, is the media between our church members and the college and seminary. The magazine is also a channel for KTCS to give information of the important activities and latest theological thoughts to the churches. Students Fellowship takes major part in producing and distributing the magazines each year.

    In addition, KTCS also publishes KTCS News, which informs news and significant events taken place at KTCS to readers.


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