Message from the Principal


                        Kachin Theological College & Seminary (KTCS) was founded in 1932 by American missionaries with the aim of training pastors to lead the new believers who abandoned the nat worship and embrace the gospel in Kachin and Shan regions of Myanmar. From the very beginning the seminary is gradually moving forward and expanding in many ways by God's grace and with strong supports from the members of the Kachin Baptist Churches. In her long history the KTCS produces thousands of effective servants of our lord Jesus Christ and faithful leaders of churches. Today KTCS not only focuses on theological education but also envisions establishing a " Kachin Christian University " which offers variety of programs such as liberal arts education, seminary education and vocational education to the young people. With the " University Vision " KTCS cherishes the three " T " as core value for teaching and learning process of the school. The college gives priority on " infrastructure " aspect of the school since good learning environment is important for the students.


                        Students of KTCS also need to grow up " intellectually " in many aspects of their lives in order to keep up with the challenging situation of twenty first century world. KTCS also greatly emphasizes the need of " integrity " in the lives of faculty, staffs and students. Students of KTCS are not only expected on attaining the professional skills which require for life but also to cherish the integrity in life. Along with the " University " dream KTCS draws a future plan of the school in accordance with the " Centennial Vision of KTCS (1932-2032) ". KTCS is expecting to celebrate the school's a hundred-year jubilee in 2032. Starting from 2019, only thirteen years remain to celebrate centennial anniversary of the school. It is a critical and challenging period of KTCS to go forward and attain the university vision in the midst of unstable political, social and economic situations of Myanmar. However, KTCS firmly believes on God who brought our forefathers from the desperate situation of life to the bright future of Kachin people. Firm believe on God and the unity among the church members of Kachin Baptist Convention will put forward the University dream of KTCS in the very near future.

    In His service ,
    Zinghang Lat Nawng , Th.D

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