Academic Regulations

    A. Credit Hour System

    The work in all courses is rated in terms of credit hours. In general 50 minutes is given for one credit within a period of classroom work per week in one semester. For BATS program 40 minutes is given for one credit hour.

    B. Academic Load

    The normal academic load in credit hours per session is 18. Up to 21 credit hours may allow within one semester.

    C. Audit Courses

    Students may take audit courses without taking record of credit provided they register for the course and pay the required fees. Audit fees are one �half of the regular course tuition. Audited courses do not form part of the over all students� load but the students who are auditing courses will be considered as regular participants in the class except that they are not required to turn in written assignments or taking the examinations. Registration is necessary and attendance is required in the same way as for regular courses. Audited courses will receive a voluntary withdrawal on the basis of a student�s record where attendance has been unsatisfactory. Permission to audit a course is advised by the individual professor after having surveyed and reviewed any other assignments given by the instructors.

    D. Course Changes

    Provision is made for course changes within the first two weeks of each session. Dropping a course, adding a course, changing from credit to audit or from audit to credit are considered course changes. After the last day for course changes, no further changes may be made except to withdraw from a course.

    E. Withdrawal

    1. Students who wish to take a leave of absence for a semester or more must request permission from the dean. With that permission, they may return to their studies and complete their credits.
    2. Students who wish to switch or withdraw the subjects are allowed after consulting with the registrar and the class teachers. Elective subjects can be chosen in the first two weeks of a regular semester.

    F. Supplementary Examination

    1. The student who earned grade just between 60%-69% ('D' level) need to register for the supplementary exam, by paying 3000/- Ks. per subject as examination fees.
    2. Students need to sit for supplementary examination in the appointed date (see Academic Calendar). Those who do not show up at the supplementary exam in the appointed date will get 'F' grade for the subject he or she is absent in the exam.
    3. Students are allowed to take supplementary exam only in the appointed date as mentioned in the School Calendar.
    4. Students have to finish (or passed) all supplementary subjects from the previous year before taking classes in new academic year.
    5. The student who has failed in a particular subject ('F' grade-59% and below) must redo it (class repeat for that subject) until he or she score 70% and above grade. The students who need to repeat the class must pay 5000/- Ks. fees for one failed subject.
    6. Students can't earn more than 'C+' grade in supplementary examination.
    7. The students who failed to earn the required grade in the supplementary exam need to sit the exam for a second time. But they need to pay 5000/- Ks. for the second attempt.

    G. Grading Policy

    All academic work is graded by letter to which grade points are assigned.

    Letter Grade Percentage Value Meaning
    A 95-100 4 Excellent
    A- 90-94 3.7
    - - -
    B+ 87-89 3.3 Good
    B 84-86 3
    B- 80-83 2.7
    C+ 77-79 2.3 Satisfactory
    C 74-76 2
    C- 70-73 1.7
    D+ 67-69 1.3 Marginal
    D 64-66 1
    D- 60-63 0.7
    F 59 and below 0.0 Failure

    "I" - Imcomplete

    Note:� Passed Grade for Kachin and English Language is 60% (C-) and supplementary grade is between 50% - 60%.

    In order to complete the courses of L.Th, B.Min and B.Th/L.Th (Eng) and BATS programs, the student must obtain minimum cumulative GPA 2.0 (77, C+) and for M.Min, M.A.C.S and M.Div, the student must obtain minimum cumulative GPA 2.7 (80, B-).

    1. The student has to acquire minimum C- grade in every subject.
    2. The student has to acquire minimum C grade in average for all courses in each semester.

    H. Grade of Incomplete

    A grade of Incomplete (IN) may be allowed in case of illness, or for extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student, which makes it impossible for the student to complete the required course work by the close of the semester. Application may be made for an Incomplete to the instructor only during the last two weeks of classes. If the Incomplete is granted, the required work is to be completed within one month of the last day of the session and a grade award by the instructor.

    I. Grade Point Average

    The total number of grade points earned are being divided by the number of credit hours to create the Grade Point Average (GPA). Credit hours in Pass/Fail courses are excluded from the Grade Point Average calculation. Failed course are included in the GPA calculation but are excluded if the failed course is later repeated and passed.
    Grade Point Averages (GPA) indicates a student�s academic standard and it is calculated as follow;

    A = 4.0 x course credit hours = Total points
    A- = 3.7 x course credit hours = Total points
    B+ = 3.3 x course credit hours = Total points
    B = 3.0 x course credit hours = Total points
    B- = 2.7 x course credit hours = Total points
    C+ = 2.3 x course credit hours = Total points
    C = 2.0 x course credit hours = Total points
    C- =.7 x course credit hours = Total points
    D+ = 1.3 x course credit hours = Total points
    D = 1.0 x course credit hours = Total points
    D- = 0.7 x course credit hours = Total points
    F = 0.0 x course credit hours = Total points
    I = Incomplete, and is not counted for point average
    P = Pass, but is not counted for point average.
    AU = Audit, but is not counted for point average.
    W = Withdrawal, and is not counted for point average.

    Total points � credit hours = GPA
    The grade point average (GPA) is obtained by dividing the total points by the total number of credit hours.

    J. Probation Status

    A student who fails to obtain a cumulative average of 1.6 in one semester is placed on probation for the following two semesters. If student's cumulative average is still less than 1.6 in the second semester, he or she is not allowed to take courses in another level. If the students, who are in probation status for two semesters consecutively, do not want to withdraw from the school they are allowed to redo the same courses in the next academic year (class repeat).

    K. Dismissal

    KTCS has the right to dismiss any student under any of the following circumstances.
    1. The student receives a grade point average below the requirement during the period of probation.
    2. The student has a severe breach of conduct or manifestation of a serious emotional problem. In certain circumstances, after dismissal a student may seek re-admission.

    L. Academic Appeals

    It is assumed that most academic grievances will be resolved in conversation between the student and instructor. However, in cases where such a resolution is not achieved, the student may allow to appeal the academic dean for adjudication on the matter.

    M. Academic Honesty

    Academy Honesty is expected of all students at all times at KTCS. Academic dishonesty constitutes a serious violation of scholarship standards that can result in substantial penalties, including denial of credit in a course as well as dismissal from the college and seminary. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on assignments or exams, plagiarizing (misrepresenting another's work as one's own original creation), submitting the same (or substantially the same) paper in more than one course without prior consent of all instructors concerned, and depriving others of necessary academic sources.

    N. Attendance

    Attendance in class is required of all students unless permission for an absence is received from the class teacher and Academic Dean. Normally, permission for an absence from class must be received in advance and no more than 2 excused absences are to be allowed in any semester for each course. If a student is absent from the class more than 2 times in a particular course in one semester, a grade of I (incomplete) will be given fro that class, no credit will be earned, and it must be repeated if it is a required course.

    O. Leave of Absence

    A student may apply for up to one calendar year of parental, health, or compassionate leave. If the application is accepted, this period of leave does not count toward the maximum number of years permitted for the completion of the student's degree program.

    P. Duration of Study

    The maximum duration for the programs are:
    4 years for B.Min and M.Min programs
    6 years for L.Th Program
    7 years for B.Th/L.Th (Eng.) and BATS programs
    5 years for M.Div program and
    5 years for M.A.C.S program
    The entire program of studies will be starting from the day the program application is approved. The time spent in the preliminary class is not counted in the entire duration of studies.

    Q. Language Competency

    Competency in Kachin language is required for L.Th and B.Min students. A working ability in English (oral and written comprehension and expression) is required for all students of B.Th, BATS, M.Div, M.Min and M.A.C.S. Students who are below the KTCS standards are required to take language instruction until they meet the standards or as determined by the faculty on the basis of their performance in the class.

    R. Transfer of Credits

    1. KTCS has the right and responsibility to determine if she will accept credits for work completed at other institutions toward the degrees at the same level as her credits.
    2. However, in any case, not more than half of the credits taken towards another degree may be transferred into a KTCS degree program, and not more than half of the credits required by a KTCS degree may be granted on the basis of transfer credits.
    3. No credits will be transferred from program requiring one academic year or less to complete.
    4. Any degree student should spend at least one year of full-time study or equivalent at KTCS.

    S. Grade Reports

    The results of First Semester courses are available before the end of Second Semester and the results of the Second Semester courses are available before the beginning of another academic term.

    T. Transcripts of Academic Records

    Students, who graduate or for any reason withdraw from KTCS in good standing, may submit a written request for transcript of records. A 5000/- Ks. fees will be charged for each transcript. Those who lost or damaged a degree certificate can request for a new one by paying a 10000/-Ks. fees at registrar office.

    U. Academic Terms

    Generally, there are two semesters in one academic year. For L.Th, B.Th/L.Th (Eng.), BATS, M.Div and M.A.C.S programs First Semester begins in the last week of May and ends in September and the Second Semester starts in the first week of October and finishes in the first week of March.
    While B.Min Module class conducts in September and February respectively, M.Min module class conducts in the months of May and September.

    V. Field Education - In Service Training

    So as to promote integration between theological study and life and to develop competency in ministry, students (of L.Th, B.Th, BATS and M.Div) are required to work in congregation and church sponsored organization or social service programs under supervision. This is considered as internship and is called "field education."

    W. Extra-Curricular Activities

    This college and seminary encourages its students to take apart, as much as possible, in extra-curricular activities of the seminary, which contribute to developing their theological education and cultural growth.

    X. Piano Lesson

    Non music students are also allowed to take piano lesson in each semester. However, piano lesson is counted as passed/failed course. It means those who take piano lesson need to pass the lesson in each semester. Those who failed the lesson in one semester need to repeat the lesson until he or she passed the lesson. The initial semester is given as a probation period and hose who received failed grade in that period are not allowed to take piano lesson anymore. Those who received grade in piano lesson are not allowed to graduate.

    Y. Gospel Campaign Trip

    Every student is obligatory to participate in the College and Seminary Campaign trip for one time before completing the program.

    Z. Thesis & Major Paper

    1.�� All B.Th/L.Th (Eng.) students require to write a major paper. The goal of a major paper is for a student to demonstrate the ability to synthesize knowledge, skills and critical analysis from the diverse parts of his/her program. 15-20 pgs. are required for major paper.
    2. M.Div students are required to write a thesis for graduation. They may require 15,000 words (40 - 50 pgs.) to complete the thesis.
    3. B.Min and L.Th students are required to write a major paper and 15-20 pgs. are required for the paper.
    4. M.Min & M.A.C.S students are required to write thesis and minimum 12,000 words (30-40 pgs.) are required to complete the thesis.

    AA. Graduation Requirements

    1. The student must satisfactorily complete all the academic requirements in their program and fulfill all other requirements of this college and seminary.
    2. The student must obtain minimum GPA 2.3 in L.Th, B.Min, BATS and B.Th./L.Th (Eng.) programs and minimum GPA 2.7 in M.Min, M.Div & M.A.C.S programs.
    3. The student must not leave any obligation or debt which tends to create burden to KTCS.
    4. The student must have an approved by the Faculty regarding the student's grading, behavior and disciplinary measures.
    5. The student must have final approval of Board of trustee upon the recommendation of the staff council.
    6. The student must return back all the books back after having borrowed from the KTCS library.

    AB. Meritorious Work

    A Student who has taken 60 credit hours or more at KTCS may graduate with honors as follows:
    3.5 - 3.6� GPA merits graduation with Honors (Cumlau de);
    3.7 - 3.8� GPA merits graduation with High Honors (Magna Cumlau de); and
    3.9 - 4.0� GPA merits graduation with Highest Honors (Summa Cumlau de).


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