Graduate Programs

    Master of Divinity (M.Div.) Program

    A. Purpose and Goal
    The M.Div. degree is designed to equip persons for academic competent and spiritually sensitive pastoral leadership. A unique concern in this course is for a broad and deep biblical knowledge and faithful obedience to the Bible and its teachings. This program aims to develop persons with mature theological perspective in a personal acquaintance with God, with the work of the church, and with the needs of the world since these, we believe, are the basis for a minister of the gospel and a stimulus toward continued education and growth. The degree serves as the foundational program for those interested in acquiring higher theological degrees. KTC seeks to provide a healthy balance among biblical, theological, historical and practical areas of study. Thus, the students will be well prepared to meet the various aspects and challenges of ministries as well as academic with strong confidence.

    B. Course Required

    For M.Div. Program, a student is required to take 96 credits and 6 non credits.

    Course Credits
    Biblical Studies  
    501 Background Survey 6
    502 Language 6
    601 Hermeneutics 2
    601 Prophets 2
    602 Exegesis 4
    601 Biblical Theology 3
    701 OT/NT Theology 4
    602 Pauline Theology 2
    703 Seminars  
    Church History  
    501 Early Church & Medieval Church 3
    503 Reformation & Modern 3
    504 Asian Church History 2
    Christian Education 6
    Systematic Theology  
    501 Introduction to Systematic Theology 3
    601 Systematic I 2
    601 Systematic II 2
    701 Christian Ethics 2
    704 Contextual Theology 3
    702 Feminist Theology 3
    702 Asian Theology 2
    Worship and Spirituality  
    501 Spiritual Formation 2
    502 Introduction to Worship & Preaching 2
    601 Theology of Worship 2
    601 Mission and Evangelism  
    701 Homiletics 2
    701 Pastoral Counseling 2
    701 Church Admin & Leadership 2
    502 English 4
    501 Writing and Research 6
    501 Music Theory 2
    502 Introduction to Sociology 2
    501 Introduction to Psychology 2
    501 Introduction to Psychology 2
    602 Communication 2
    502 Kachin Tradiation and Culture 2
    602 The History of Christianity in Kachins 2
    704 Advanced Greek 2
    704 Advanced Hebrew 2
    704 CE IV (Adult) 2
    704 CE (Family) 2
    703 Pastoral Theology 2


    A. Purpose and Goals

    This program is an in-ministry program for pastors or ministers with first theological degree (B.Th) and who have more than five year�s experience in the field. The primary purpose of this degree is to equip pastors and minister who want to be more effective in ministry. It aims to develop ministry in order to strengthen local churches by deepening theological, pastoral, and personal knowledge and skills of a pastor. Courses are designed for upgrading professional skills and competence of ministers on the foundation of their first theological degree and their ministry experience.

    B. Course Required

    For this M.Min program, a student is required to take 65 credits.

    Course Credits
    Biblical Studies  
    Old Testament 9
    New Testament 9
    Practical Theology  
    Christian Education
    Pastoral Theology 21
    Systematic Theology 12
    Mission and Culture 6
    Worship and Spirituality 3
    Research 5

    Master of Arts in Christian Studies (M.A.C.S) Program

    A. Purpose and Goal
    The primary purposes of this program are to equip persons who seek a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and to help persons who want to serve in the church as effective lay Christians. Primary goals of this program include (1) growth in personal and spiritual maturity in the ability to be a witness for Christ in this world; (2) preparation for lay ministries in the church and wider society. The uniqueness of this course is to provide committed lay Christians with broad knowledge of Bible and theology.

    B. Course Required

    For M.A.C.S program, a student is required to take 65 credits.

    Course Credits
    Biblical Studies  
    Old Testament 9
    New Testament 18
    Church History 6
    Practical Theolog
    Christian Education 3
    Pastoral Theology 15
    Systematic Theology 9
    Mission and Culture 9

    Worship and Spirituality




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