Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)

    Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)

    ( Entrepreneurship & Financial Management )

    Two Year Program


    To offer essential business knowledge and skills with the purpose of filling the gap of situational demand that exists in the local or domestic level . To generate open - minded future entrepreneurs , and employable business diploma holders as a by - product .


    Program Overview

    DBA program is offered in full - time mode over two years . The complete courses will cover four semesters in two consecutive academic years . Any educational activity carried out in this program will mainly emphasize on the entrepreneurial perspective as we acknowledge the important role of small and medium enterprises ( SMEs ) in the economic development of a nation . Some core courses in DBA program are ...

    • Introduction to Business Management

    • Principles of Marketing

    • Principles of Accounting

    • Principles of Economic

    • Human Resource Management.

    • Business Statistic.

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