Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies

    Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies

    The Bachelor of Arts in English offers a complete four - year curriculum in the two - semester school calendar system . The subjects offered in the course hone the four macro - communication skills , such as developing the abilities of students to speak and write with clarity , and to listen and read with comprehension . At the same time , these subjects develop skills in critical and creative thinking , literary analyses , intrapersonal and public communications .

    Competency Standards :

    Articulate a comprehensive and contextualized view of the English Language system and development .

    • Communicate in English ( both oral and written ) fluently , accurately , and creatively in diverse social , cultural , academic , and professional settings . # Facilitate English language learning in a school setting .

    Teach English communication skills using knowledge of vest practices . #Enhance literacy development and critical / creative thinking among students through the use of different types of texts . .

    • Engage in English language research relevant to the school and workplace settings . .

    Specific Professions / Careers / Occupation :

    • English language research . English language teaching in the academe . English language training in business and the industry . Publishing , editing , law , advertising , journalism , broadcast communication ,

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