Systematic Theology

    Priority is given to the basic Christian beliefs such as the Doctrine of God, Man, Sin, Person of Christ, Salvation, and the Church.

    PHI 301, 501 Introduction to Philosophy
    Aim and purpose of studying philosophy in this College is to help students grasp the idea that theology and philosophy have practically the same objectives in seeking for a comprehensive view of the world and life. Theology rests upon the belief in the existence of God and the idea that he is the cause of all things, while philosophy rests merely upon the assumptions and speculation of the philosopher. Yet, philosophy has definite value for studying theology as it furnishes theologians some support for the Christian position. To understand a man's philosophy is to get possession of the key to understanding God and also to dealing with God (Acts 16:17; 17:22-31).

    ST 302, 501 Introduction to Systematic Theology
    An introductory course to different systematic approaches ,includes classic, modern and contemporary theological education.

    ST 601 Doctrine of God
    It provides a theological understanding of historical development and contemporary thoughts about the doctrine of God in comparison to the teaching of the Bible. A special attention is given to the doctrine of Trinity.

    ST 602 Christology

    This course is designed to provide a theological understanding of Christian beliefs about the person and work of Jesus Christ. It critically deals with the quest of historical Jesus and various approaches to atonement and salvation.

    ST 603 Pheumatology
    A study of the works and person of the Holy Spirit in the Church and the world. A special attention is given to the controversy issues in the contemporary churches concerning the work of Holy Spirit.

    ST 604 Eschatology
    A study of the doctrine about the last day in the tradition and in the renewed interest it has gained from some of the significant theologians of the contemporary academic world.

    ST 605 Antropology
    A course deals with a theological understanding of the doctrine of man, the human person in its created existence in the image of God and the doctrine of sin. Contemporary issues in the concepts of Anthropology is being discussed in the light of Biblical teaching.

    ST 604 Ecclesiology
    It deals with theological understanding of Christian beliefs about the church in order to point out what God�s purpose for a church is and how it can be accomplished.

    ST 404, 702 Asian Theology
    This course is designed to understand the word of God in the context of Asia, focusing on issues of women, ecology, and Asian spirituality.

    ST 703 Contemporary Theologies
    This course seeks to investigate the current theologies developed in different contexts.Hence, students are led to develop their own contextual theologies which are in tune with the teaching of the Bible.

    ST 703 Feminist Theology
    A course deals with current issues and developments of Feminist Theology. This course help the students to read the Bible from the perspective of women. It includes a critical reflection on the present Feminist theology and its effects.

    ST 704 Ecumenical Theology
    A study of the history of the major ecumenical issues and historical development of the Ecumenical Movement.

    ST 403, 705 Christian Ethics
    This course offers a study of Christian ethics which informs and shapes Christians values in their daily lives as they encounter practical issues. The course deal with personal ethics, social ethics,global ethics and the comtemporary issues; ecology, abortaion etc.

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