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    MU 101, 102, 501, 502 Music Theory I, II
    This course is designed to a deeper understanding of music principles which can be applied in singing and writing music.

    MU 201, 503 Hymnology
    This course traces the historical development of hymnody through the centuries of the Christian church. Specific hymn writers will be studied in depth. Study on the development of hymnody and presentation on hymn stories are discussed to enrich a local church's total worship experience through the effective use of hymn.

    MU 204, 504 Church Music
    A course deals with the use of music in the church activities throughout the centuries with a critical study. Primary concern is given to the use of music in worship services and christian education.

    ENG 101, 102, 201, 202, 501, 502 English
    This course is focusing on English reading, comprehensions, and writing skill. In this course it is included grammar, composition, reading comprehension, writing and series of vocabularies.

    ENG 301, 601 TOEFL
    This is introductory course for students to prepare for the TOEFL test and to help them maximize their score.

    SOC 102, 601 Introduction to Sociology
    This course is designed for a basic understanding the theories of sociology which deals with social life of man and his environment, social adjustment, human organization and social change.

    SOC 103, 602 Sociology of Religion
    Study of religion from the sociological perspective. It will help the learners to have better understanding of the relation between the society and religion particularly to the Christian faith.

    EM 301, 602 Introduction to Missiology
    An overview of the theological mandate for mission, biblical teaching, the historical development, basic concepts of mission and contemporary challenges. It is to motivate the learners for the need of mission.

    EM 302, 603 Biblical Foundation for Missions
    A comprehensive and general study of the biblical foundations of Christian mission both the Old and New Testaments with special concentration on the Great Commissions.

    EM 303, 604 Contemporary Issues in Missions
    Different topics which deal with contemporary issues in missions will be discussed in this Course. The topics include, Urban Evangelism, Tribal mission, Mission to the Poor and etc.,It is aim to equip the students to be able to confront pluralism, and most importantly dealing with issues in the light of Biblical teaching.

    EM 304, 605 Missionary Anthropology and Sociology
    The course gives the students anthropological and sociological insights for Missiology.

    EM 402, 606 Principles of Church Growth
    A thorough study of church growth development , its theology, movement and biblical principles through which Christian Church grow throughout the whole world, have been taking place.

    EM 403, 702 Christianity and Culture
    Studying culture with special emphasis on its meaning, value and distinctives to help those who are serving in existing churches and missionaries and to know how to serve among people of different cultures more effectively.

    EM 404, 703 Cross-Cultural Communication and Mission
    The study of the effective communication and the problems of communication in cross-cultures. The students are introduced with the various methods of contextual way of doing mission in the contemporary world.

    EM 402, 701 Asian Religions
    A comprehensive study of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Animism with emphasis on their cultures and beliefs in life after death to help both pastors and cross-cultural missionaries know and to communicate the gospel of salvation to people of other religions.

    EM 403, 702 History of World Missions
    A comprehensive survey of missionary movement on the soil of major continents with special focus on the biographies and activities of the distinguished missionaries who invested their lives in Myanmar and Asia.

    EM 404, 703 Ecumenics
    This course is designed to provide a better understanding of Christian unity through church ministry: the Church is demanded by society to share a relevant message of Jesus Christ in social context.

    EM 405, 704 Theology of Mission
    A deep study that develop the mission theology from both Old Testament and New Testament to contemporary concepts, such as inculturalation.

    EM406, 705 Urban Mission
    A course studying the biblical foundation for Urban mission and examining the task of today Christian in urban areas.

    EM 406, 706 Rural Mission and Development
    A course studying the biblical foundation for Rural Mission and evaluating the present tasks. A special concern is given for the need of the holistic development for Rural areas.

    EM 407, 707 Inter-Religious Dialogue
    An overview of the questions, problems and possibilities related to the encounter between Christians and other faiths.

    EM 602 Introduction to Communication
    To introduce the nature and theories of communication. It traces with the different types of communication, such as Media, Cross-culture.

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