Church History

    HS 102 World History
    This course is designed to develop the understanding of various civilization that existed throughout the centuries. Appreciating the divergent of cultures, religious beliefs, its arts, literatures as well as its behaviours of each human community.

    HS 101,501 Early Church History
    A study of the beggining of the growth of church druign the first centureis A.D. It also emphasized the spirituality and leadership of church fathers and how they maintained the Christian truth in the times of persecution, heresies and accusations.It includes a brief study of Historical theology in the first centuries of the Christians.

    HS 102,502 Medieval Chruch History
    A study of the church in the Middle ages which deal with the rise and fall of Papacy and other theological aspects. Special attention is paid to the influence of the church on the culture and society.

    HS 103 ,503 Reformation Chruch History
    A course deal with the history of Christian church in the time of Reforamtion. Special attention is paid to the reformers; their theologis and writings and their impact on the following centuries.

    HS 302, 504 Modern Church
    A study of the Christian Church in Europe and North America from the time of post reformation to the twentieth century. Special concern is given to the emerging of different confessional doctrines and the interaction between church and the society.

    HS 301, 605 Asian Church History
    A study of the birth of Christianity in the soil of Asia. It is overview study of the various churches in Asia.

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