HO 301, 601 Introduction to Homiletics
    The subject is designed for sermon preparation with an overview of Hermeneutical problems. It introduces the different types of sermon preached in today churches.

    HO 302, 602 Exegetical and Expository Sermon
    This course emphasizes the exegetical and expository sermon types in the practical preaching. Students are given maximum opportunity for practical experience.

    HO 303, 603 Sermon Delivery
    This course aims to train the students primarily in deliverance of sermon. Learners are trained with the basic theory and practice in public speech for effective deliverance of sermon. A special concern is given for the particular needs of individual.

    PM 401, 701 Pastoral Leadership
    This course is mainly emphasizing the meaning of Pastoral leadership, the conduct of pastors, and an effective spiritual leadership. The course also includes Church Leadership and Administration. This course is planned for the development of Church Leadership in the History of the Church, Liturgy and Church Governing.

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