Spirituality and Worship

    SW 100, 500 Spiritual Formation
    A help to the learners explore the dynamics of spiritual maturity, prayer and personal growth both for personal enrichment and to enable other in their journey of faith, It seeks to discover the spiritual reality in daily life of each learner.

    SW 102, 502 Introduction to Worship
    An overview course deal with the historical, theological and biblical foundation for worship.

    SW 202,601 History of Christian Worship

    A historical study of Christian worship from the time of Old Testament until now.

    SW 303,602 Theology of Worship
    Study of the influence of different theologies in the practice of worship. The course will give the learners have better understanding and hence rethink the worship practices in the present churches. The course also deals with history of the theology of worship. A special attention is given for the time of reformation.

    SW 304 ,603 Worship from Biblical Perspective
    The course deals the meaning and form of worship from the teaching of the Bible. An Emphasis is given studying worship from the point of view of Trinity.

    SW 401, 704 Creative Worship

    As a response to the current demand in the churches today, learners are guided and motivated to lead worship program in a creative ways. The main aim is to balance between the Old and the New form of worship to address the needs of worshippers of different age groups.

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