Christian Education

    This course is designed for the study of the basic theory of Christian education, theories and practical education for children, youth, adult and their ministries. It is aimed to give a clear understanding about Human Development (characteristics of all age groups) and variety of Teaching Methods, the structure of Church Education , responsibility of Director of Christian Education, Sunday School Superintendent and Pastor, Curriculum Planning (writing Sunday school lessons).

    PSY 101,501 Introduction to Psychology
    This course is designed to help students learn the basics of Psychology to be applied in understanding children, youth and adults in the churches, families and communities.

    CE 102, 502 An Introduction to Christian Education
    A study of Christian education in its historical development, basics theories and general practices.It lays the foundation for the Christian Educaiton from various perspecitves; theological, socail and philosophyical and psychological foundation.

    CE 201, 503 Children Ministry
    The course examines practical ways and means for the Christian education for children. Various approaches and methods are examined and students are encouraged to develop the contextual approach to their local community.

    CE.202, 601 Youth Ministry
    An introducation course to youth characteristics and a critical discussion of youth problems today. It seeks to discover the effective principles and method in leading youth in the churches.

    CE 301, 602 Adult Education and Family
    The psychology and characteristics of adults are introduced, the controversy issues facing adults are discussed. It is a study of educational principles applied to Christian education primarily within the faimly.

    Practical Fields

    1. Students are required four months practical field works in the nearby churches on Sundays and reports.
    2. Students who take ECCD elective courses are required to practical experience at KTC ECCD center.
    3. One month practical experience in the churches during summer holiday - giving reports to their CE teacher.

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