Christian Counseling

    Our main aims in Christian counseling are:

    1. to help find freedom from spiritual, emotional, psychological and interpersonal conflict
    2. to be at peace with themselves and others and to enjoy a growing communion with God
    3. to help people to function more effectionively in their daily lives and improve their quality of life
    4. to realize their fullest potentiality in Christ through using the resources God has provided for healing and growth.
    5. to effect reconcilitionbetween individuals and groups.
    6. to build up the Body of Christ and strengthen the fellowship within the community.
    7. to free the individual making his or her contribution to the life of the community.
    8. to communicate God�s compassion and forgiveness and enabling the person to make a fresh start.

    PT 101 Introduction to Counseling
    A course to enable participants to understand the principles of counseling and the need for such a service and identify counseling skills and other forms of support.

    PT 102 Verbal and Non Verbal Communication
    A course is designed to practice verbal and non verbal communiton skills as to understand how to encourage clients to speak by being a good listener.

    PC 401 Counseling Theory
    An introductory course designed to help the students develop a philosophy and skills of counseling. Students will study God's designed community to human beings and his/her own personality types which can become effective tools in relationship.

    PC 402 Marriage and Family Counseling
    Detail study of love, marriage and the relationship within the family. The behavioral characteristics of children and parenting styles are explored, and the cause of the family problem and the process of family counseling are discussed.


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