A. Admission Requirements

    1. A candidate must obtain the application form, having filled up completely with personal signature.
    2. The application must be attached together with letters of endorsement from the related Association Secretary and local church council (including the council's meeting minute).
    3. The original certificate, showing the candidate's latest educational level from the school authorities; must be identified: for instance matriculation; B.A. and B.Th.
    4. An official certification for physical as well as mental health.
    5. Ks. 5000/- for admission form.
    6. 2 copies of auto- photo, size 2"x 1/2", being developed recently.
    7. A written document of pledge from any local church or personal sponsor for scholarship assistance is obligatory for financial guarantee.
    8. A candidate is required to write an auto-biography in two pages; mentioning personal life, conversion, Christian experiences and the main reason for the candidate's decision to attend this Kachin Theological College & Seminary.


    B. Personal Requirements of Admission

    1. A candidate must be a dedicated one in desiring to give a faithful service for the mission of the church.
    2. A candidate must have at least one year experience in Christian life after having baptized and that should take place before the application form is being sent to this college.
    3. The application form must identify that the candidate is 18 years old.


    C. Admission Classification

    M.Div. Course

    1. A candidate, applying for the M.Div. program, should obtain at least the bachelor degree from any country.
    2. A candidate with the B.Th. degree holder from any accredited school, and by having affiliated with the KTCS, can still be considered for admission after having discussed among academic dean and the admission committee members.
    3. The application forms of the B.Th. graduates from any non-accredited school, and-yet being affiliated with the KTCS, can still be considered by having them discussed among academic dean and the admission committee members.
    4. Entrance examination: Among the applicants, only those being listed in a considerable number, will be admitted; and they are required to sit for an entrance examination. Having entrance examination passed, they can become active members of the Kachin Theological College & Seminary. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM

    B.Th. Course

    1. Either passing the matriculation in (A) level or equivalent to its academic value, is a "must prerequisite for the B.Th course.
    2. Any L.Th. (English) candidate, who has already obtained 85% in( GPA) with two years' service in the church will be admitted in the final B.Th course (or) by obtaining the same credit hours in its academic value.(GPA = Grade Point Average)
    3. Any graduate in the L.Th (English), who has already obtained 80% and above in grading mark, will be conferred the B.Th degree sooner or later whenever passing of the matriculation is identifiable.
    4. Any candidate, having graduated in the L.Th with 85% of grading marks in four academic years including two years' services in the church, will be allowed to apply for the B.Th course. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM

    L.Th. Course

    1. Any candidate, whose grading marks is 80% with three years' service in the church, can be admitted to 3rd year L.Th. course.(This system is designed for Kachin Section)
    2. One must take the matriculation examination while pursuing for the admission of the L.Th course in English. d. B. Min. Course i. Any candidate, who has obtained L. Th., Dip.Th. and any equivalence with five years experience in the church ministry is qualify for B.Min. Course.


    B.Min Course
    1. Any candidate, who holds L.th or Dip.Theo and equivalent certificate and has five year's experience in the ministry can apply this program.�

    M.Min Course
    1. An applicant must hold B.Th degree and with five years' experience in ministry.

    M.A.C.S Course
    1. Any person who holds bachelor degree from a recognized institution and with more than five years' experience in Christian community as baptized member can apply this course. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM

    CLAP (English Major) 
    1. Basic Education High School Passed (eligible for university education)
    2. Fulfillment of entrance exam and interview into the program
    3. English proficiency (Pre-Intermediate in Four Skills)
    4. Endorsement by church leadership

    CLAP (Music Major) 
    1. Basic Education High School Passed (eligible for university education)
    2. Fulfillment of entrance exam and interview into the program
    3. ABRSM G5 Theory / KBC Music Theory Level 2 (or equivalent)
    4. English communication should be good enough
    5. Christian for at least two years
    6. Endorsement by church leadership

    Audition Sample Pieces





    1. Basic Education High School Passed (eligible for university education)
    2. Fulfillment of entrance exam and interview into the program


    D. Classification of students are in the followings:

    1. Candidates of the L.Th (English ), B.Th and the M.Div.- Those who received their admission forms, having identified that they have already been admitted in the related programme , will have to sit for a general test in English and biblical knowledge;
    2. Any candidate, having scored 60% marks in English and 40% in Biblical knowledge, will be permitted to a regular class; if however, having scored marks just 40% and above in English, will be classified as pre-English class student;
    3. Any L.Th candidate (Kachin), being qualified and applies for the course of B.Th programme , will be admitted in the regular first year B.Th course consequently on the basis of obtaining 60% and above in English at the entrance examination. Those who obtain 40% and above in English , will be remained as pre-class students for one year. After having studied the first year B.Th course, can be promoted to the third year of it.


    Remark: A condition provided that as the majorrity of the candidates would score 60% and above in English test and when class acommodation appears to be limitted, only those who are the top best, will be admitted to regular class, those who obtained less than 40% in the biblical knowledge, will be exempted.


    E. Transferring Students

    This indicates students of other theological seminaries/colleges who want to tranfer to Kachin Theological College. A student should obtain:

    An official copy of transcript, An official letter of endorsement bearing the quality of the candidate's personal life and character;

    1. Any docummentation and endorsement being essential for the admission (please refer to No. 111); and
    2. Further guidance will be offered by the academic dean concerning the level of proposed programme which any candidate is due to undergo.


    F. Recommendation

    1. A letter of recommandation is entitled to have come from the Senior Pastor of any local church and the church council with reference to the voting number of the Council's decision making;
    2. This recommadation should be attached by a letter of endorsement from a related Association Secretary;
    3. In addition to this, the pastor's recommendation necessarily should identify the fact that the applicant has already completed one year in Christian experience after taking baptism;
    4. The name of a sponsor for the candidate should be mentioned in a specific way;
    5. An authentic as well as official document of health certification from the Health Department of the Local Township should be presented.


    G. Information for a particular purpose

    1. Food and drinks pertaining to drugs and harmful life; any candidate who has been addicted and practically involved in drinking alcohol, using opium, drugs, smoking cigars/ cigarettes, and chewing will not be admitted to this college;
    2. Any candidate who has an infectious disease will not be admitted;
    3. Any candidate who is bearing an appearance of being abnormal in out look interms of mental physical, psychological and social manner will not be admitted;
    4. Behavoir and conduct : Licentiousness- any candidate who has been involved in the acts of licentiousness and brought its problematic consequences to this college before and after the admission; stealing gambling, cheating, deceiving, discrimination, corruption and bearing the sprit of wickedness, will never be admitted to this college presentlty nor in the future.


    H. Deadline Dates

    All the application forms must be submitted to the office of this KTCS before the end of 31 January of each year. Test of examination in English for the L.Th., B.Th., CLAP and M.Div candidates will be provided occasionally in March.


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