Rev. Lahpai Zau Tu Memorial Research Center

    Rev. Lahpai Zau Tu Memorial Research Center has over 27,000 volumes of books, various theological journals (both print and non-print) are makes available for the users. A total collection of 65% are in English, 20% in Myanmar, and 15% are in Kachin. The building includes archives and provides audio-visual programs and Internet access.

    Rev. Lahpai Zau Tu Memorial Research Center keeps books such as: biblical, theological, historical, religious, philosophical, other Christian literature and educational books.


    Staff Strength

    Dabang Zawng Hkawng Librarian

    B.Th., KTCS, 2004, B.A., Myitkyina University, 2006, M.L.I.Sc., NEHU, 2011, M.A Peace Study, ETC, 2016, Ph.D., NEHU, 2017,

    Bamwaw Ja Naw Acquisition Section

    B.Th., KTCS, 2012, M.A (Library Science) MIT, Yangon 2015.

    Shichyang Ting Ying Circulation Section

    B.Th., 2013, (KTCS, Nawng Nang, Myitkyina)

    Gawlu Hkawn Yi Circulation Section  

    B.Th., (KTCS, Nawng Nang Myitkyina)


    Hpaugan Mai Tsawm Circulation Section

    B.Sc., M.Div., (KTCS, Nawng Nang, Myitkyina)

    Tangbau Hkawng Dau -  

    B.Th., (KTCS, Nawng Nang Myitkyina)



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