Study Leave Faculty List

    1. Rev. Dumdaw Naw Din
    (Ph.D Studies in Preaching, Southern  Baptist Theological Seminary, USA).
     2. Rev. Myitnaw Tu Hkawng
    (Ph.D Studies in Old Testament,  Instiute of Myanmar Graduate Studies (IMGS) .
    3. Rev. Maran Hting Nan Zau
    (Ph.D Studies in Old Testament, Concordia Theological Seminary, USA).
    4. Rev. Chyinghtawng Zau Naw
    (M.Div Studies in Worship, Bethlehem Theological Seminary, USA).
    5. Sr. Lahkang Myu Awng
    (Doctoral Studies in Composing, Ohio State University, USA) .
    6. Srn. Lahtaw Doi Ra
    (Ph.D Studies in Education, Biola University, USA).
    7. Sr. Wanghte Zawng Hkawng
    (Ph.D Studies in Old Testament, Southwestern Theological Seminary, USA).
     8. Srn. Lamung Seng Htoi Nan
    (Doctoral Studies in Christian Education, AGST, Philippines) .
    9. Sr. Maran Zau Dan
    (B.A Studies in Creative Media Design, Stamford International University, Thailand).
    10. Srn. Langwa Sau Nam
    (Ph.D Studies in Higher Education,Liberty University, USA)
    11. Srn. Mading Sau Nam
    (M.A in Theological Studies, Central Baptist Theological Seminary, USA)
    12. Sr. Sabaw Gum Ja Awng
    (Th.D Studies in Church History,  Trinity Theological College, Singapore)
    13. Srn. Dabang Nan Lum
    (Ph.D Studies in Christian Education, Silliman University)
    14. Srn. Sabaw Hkawn Ja Awng
    (Hartford Seminary, USA)
    15. Srn. Hpauwung Mary Hkawn Mai
    (Ph.D Studies in New Testament, Instiute of Myanmar Graduate Studies (IMGS)
    16. Rev. Ningrang Tu Nan
    (Ph.D in Theology Studies, Denver University)
    17. Sr. Pausa Hpung Awng
    (MA Studies in Social Science, Silliman University, Philippines) 
    18. Rev. Hpauwi Gun Awng
    (Ph.D Studies in OT, Netherland University, Netherland)
     19. Srn. Hpalaw Ban Htoi
    (Ph.D Studies in OT, Asbury Theological Semianry, USA)

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